Scott’s Story: Deciding to Follow Jesus

Scott Lovelace grew up going to church, but walked away from God after high school. Nine years ago, Scott was faced with a major life change, and it was through this difficult season that he experienced the transformational love of Christ through Christian community.


The Human Encounter

This week’s post comes from one of our summer interns, Kirstin Yu. Kirstin is a gifted writer who has spent the summer sharing her beautiful gift with several of our teams. Today, Kirstin is reflecting on a portion of this past Sunday’s sermon. Enjoy! *** Since childhood, I’ve found Jesus to be a rather murky… Read More The Human Encounter

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A Word to the Wise: About Friendship

Many of us tend to use the term “friend” loosely, applying the label to co-workers, classmates, and acquaintances. Often, our friends are simply people we feel comfortable around. Surrounded by our ultra-friendly Midwestern culture, we can sometimes lose sight of the importance of deep friendships and the ways in which God works through our friends… Read More A Word to the Wise: About Friendship