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3 Resources for Observing Lent

Each year Christians around the world observe Lent, which is the season of fasting and prayer leading up to Easter. Christians have been celebrating Lent for hundreds of years, and many find it to be a deeply meaningful time as they prepare their hearts to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.

While each tradition has its own way of celebrating Lent, many Protestant Christians choose to abstain from something during Lent to make more space for reflection and prayer. For some, this will look like fasting from a specific meal, or from a certain type of food. Others choose to fast from things that consume a lot of their time: social media, shopping, TV, or video games.


In 2016, we practiced Lent together here at Blackhawk–you can see more about that by viewing In Practice: The Basics of Lent sermon series.

Lent Podcast

In addition, we have a set of podcasts to listen to over the next 40 days. They were created with the intention of listening to one per week, but feel free to create your own pace and schedule.

To download the Lent podcast, you can search for “Blackhawk Church Lent Devotional” in your favorite podcast app, or if you use an Apple device, you can find it on iTunes.

Lent Bible Reading Plan

As part of the Lent series, we also suggested following along with the YouVersion reading plan, 40 Days of Lent, created by Journey Church in Arizona. This plan walks through the gospel accounts in chronological order, tracing the steps of Jesus during the last week of his earthly ministry. The plan is available through the YouVersion app for your phone or tablet.

To follow along, make sure the YouVersion app is installed on your device. You can find it in the App Store.

Open the app, and click on:

  • “Plans”
  • “Topical”
  • “Lent and Easter”
  • “40 Days of Lent”
  • “Start Plan”

Lent Gathering

Morning PrayerFinally, for those who prefer to gather with others, Upper House is hosting Morning Prayer in the Lenten Season on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:00 to 8:30am. You can learn more here.



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