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4 Tips for Memorizing Scripture

Memorizing Scripture can be extremely challenging. For some of us, we’re pretty sure it’s impossible. We have a hard enough time remembering our passwords. How in the world are we supposed to remember an entire Bible passage?

The good news is it’s not impossible. Memorization is difficult when our brains haven’t practiced that skill in awhile, but with some focused effort and the help of a few friends, we’ll be able to memorize a passage of Scripture (and be glad we did).


A large part of memorizing Scripture is the motivation. Is it worth the effort? What’s the payout?

When we memorize Scripture, we’re letting it sink deep into our hearts–it gives God something to work with.

When we memorize Scripture, we’re letting it sink deep into our hearts–it gives God something to work with. As we’re going about our day, God will use the Scripture we’ve memorized to speak to us. Memorizing Scripture will help us to remember God’s desires for us, to make wise decisions, and to encourage us.

A few weeks ago, my daughter came home from children’s ministry excited to share her memory verse with us. I was a bit surprised, because up until this point, the memory verses hadn’t been a priority for her.

I noticed her reviewing the verse at night before she went to bed, so I asked her why that Scripture passage was so important to her. She said, “Mom, this verse is exactly what my heart needs to hear. I struggle with being content, but when I think about this verse, my heart feels better.”

So how exactly do we go about getting the words from the pages of our Bibles into our minds and hearts?


  1. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Spend some time each day with the passage of Scripture you’re trying to memorize. Read it, listen to it, talk to others about it. Keep a copy at your desk to review during the day. Leave it on the dining room table to read at breakfast and at dinner. Take a copy to the gym to read while you’re on the elliptical or resting between sets.
  2. There’s an app for that. Check out BibleMinded, Verses or Scripture Typer to help with memorization. Each of these apps helps you memorize verses in the version you prefer, tracks the parts you’ve mastered, and gives you games/puzzles that will inject a little fun into your memorization. There’s even a space where you can create Bible memory accountability groups. Invite a few friends to join you!
  3. Get creative. Write the verse on a chalkboard and erase a word, one by one, each time trying to recite the passage by filling in the missing words. Or, write each word of the verse on a post-it note, mix them up, and try to put them in order. Think of ways that a child might learn to memorize something and try it out! Who says kids get to have all the fun?
  4. Record yourself. Record yourself saying the passage of Scripture on your phone and listen to it in your car or have it playing in your earbuds while you’re taking a walk. You can also use the audio feature of the Youversion Bible app.

Try different memorization strategies. Some will work. Some won’t. But keep trying. You’ll get there!

Tiffany Malloy
About the Author: Tiffany Malloy
Tiffany Malloy is the Pastor of Blackhawk Downtown Team Development. Tiffany and her family landed in Madison in 2013 for her husband to attend graduate school. When she’s not managing her crazy (awesome) kids, Tiffany loves reading, running, and blogging about all things faith and books.