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A Word to the Wise: About Friendship

Many of us tend to use the term “friend” loosely, applying the label to co-workers, classmates, and acquaintances. Often, our friends are simply people we feel comfortable around. Surrounded by our ultra-friendly Midwestern culture, we can sometimes lose sight of the importance of deep friendships and the ways in which God works through our friends to grow us in wisdom.

This week, we’re reminded of the complexity of friendship. In theory, we know that friends influence us, that they support and challenge us, and that we do the same for them. In reality, we are broken people and, consequently, we have broken relationships. Let’s assess our friendships: Are we choosing our friends wisely and allowing them to give us the feedback that’s hard to hear? Can our friends count on us to support them and speak truth into their lives?

God created us for community. Besides growing us in wisdom, our friends can also help us grow in our faith. If you’re looking to cultivate more Christ-centered relationships…

…get involved with Blackhawk Groups:

Join a community that seeks to grow in faith together. Blackhawk has groups for all walks of life; you can find more information here.

More Resources:

If you’re interested in learning more about community, check out this past Next Steps post for some book recommendations.

Pastor Matt also noted the frequency with which many of us prioritize other forms of connection, such as social media, over friendship. You can find helpful resources on the topic of social media here, and you can read a former Blackhawk staff member’s reflection on her own relationship with social media here.