Spiritual Practices

Advent Reading Plan

On Sunday, December 2, we begin a four-part Advent sermon series, preparing our hearts to celebrate Christ’s entry into our world at Christmas. We know it’s not easy to remain focused on Jesus throughout this busy season. Despite our best intentions, we get swept up in the world’s messages about the season – busyness, spending, stress, etc.

It takes practice to turn away from the noise and stay focused on Jesus.

With that in mind, we’ve created a Scripture plan to read throughout the Advent season. The plan also includes a weekly practice.

  • The daily time in Scripture brings our hearts and minds back to what is true and most important.
  • The weekly practices are small acts to help us focus on the themes of Advent – hope, peace, joy and love. When we involve our physical bodies in something – even in small ways – the concepts are embedded in our minds and hearts in a different way.

The Scripture reading plan and practices are available in the YouVersion app. It’s called Practices of Advent (from Blackhawk Church.) You can also download and print the reading plan to keep in your Bible.

We will also post the weekly readings and practices each week on our blog. Subscribe to have those delivered directly to your inbox.

The first day of the plan is Saturday, December 1. We hope this tool helps your heart and mind stay focused on Jesus this season.