Julie’s Story: One-to-One Care


Prefer to read instead of watch? Here’s the transcript:

My name is Julie, I’ve been coming to Blackhawk since 2006. When I was in my 30’s. I started attending Blackhawk and at that time I was still single, no kids, and a lot of my friends that I had been meeting were starting to get married and having families. So that was a real struggle for me. There’s a loneliness there, there’s a, maybe God has different plans for me but I don’t know what that is.

So, I had heard about Stephen’s ministry at the time, which is now One to One Care, and I thought maybe that would be good to have somebody to talk to about what I was dealing with. So, I contacted the church and they set me up with a caregiver and we started meeting weekly. She just walked through life with me, she challenged me, she asked me some really good questions about my faith, about my journey and we just talked and we laughed and sometimes cried. She always talked to me about, well where do you see God in this? What do you think he’s doing in your life? It was really a good time for me because I could see that, even though I was still single and still not exactly where I wanted to be, that I was moving forward and especially moving forward in my faith.

After a few years, she had recommended that maybe I become a caregiver and I went through the training. It’s just so good to learn how to talk to people, just how to listen more so, actually and how to understand what they’re going through. I think the most rewarding part of this journey is just knowing that God is there, through all of it.

I can say, I’m still single and I don’t have a family but I’m in a lot better place right now. I know I have friends, I know I have people who love me, I know that God loves me, I know that he has a plan and I don’t we always can figure that out but it’s okay because he’s behind it all.