Next Steps Toward Financial Peace

My first job that produced a flow of money into my pocket was a paper route in 8th grade. At the end of each month I had a wad of cash that I quickly spent on whatever shiny object caught my attention. It took years before I established any disciplines of saving or giving.

As I began to develop some of these habits as a young adult, I also faced the harsh reality of paying off loans and the temptation of falling into consumer debt. Now, decades later, I still find the lure of spending money on things I don’t need to be very real. Truth be told, I want to believe I’m more generous with my money and resources than I really am. The compulsive spending habits of that young paperboy may have faded, but they haven’t disappeared entirely.

The struggle is real.

As Pastor Chris emphasized in his message on Sunday, greed (the “moral mismanagement of wealth”) is really good at camouflaging itself in our lives. It’s the rare person who doesn’t know the reality of financial stress.For many adults, habits established at a young age are hard to break. We can find ourselves feeling trapped and unsure of the best way out of our poor money-management habits.

One way that our church has seen people turn a corner on the management of their finances is through Financial Peace University (FPU). This course can help bring intentionality to how we manage our finances and resources. FPU is based on biblical principles that can help anyone–regardless of their circumstances–learn practical skills that will move them away from financial stress toward a life of generosity and financial peace.

Here are some things we’ve heard people at Blackhawk say after attending Financial Peace University…

  • A new sense of freedom around money

“Our money is no longer slipping through our fingers, instead we are now telling our money what to do. What freedom!”

  • Greater intentionality with their resources

“We have been giving more, saving more, and paying off debt more aggressively as a result of this course.”

  • It’s grown their faith and strengthened their walk with God.

“God has reminded me that all money is His and to be a good steward. It enhances my faith in Him.”

Over the years, we have had hundreds of people go through Financial Peace University at Blackhawk–with countless similar testimonies.

Our next FPU class will be held on Tuesday evenings (February 6-April 3) from 7:00-8:30pm at our Brader Way site. If this is your next step, register here.

About the Author: Craig Gartland
Craig is Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Blackhawk and oversees Adult Ministries. He completed his Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and spent over two decades of his career in campus ministry. He is married to Sharon and they have four children. His passions include cycling, listening to jazz music, photography, and the writings of C.S. Lewis.