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Psalm 1: Music + Journal Questions

Kayla kicked off the Psalms Mixtape series with a deep dive into Psalm 1. She encouraged us to be a community who is connected to the Living Water. One big way to do this is through reading and meditating on Scripture.

This summer we are reading through the book of Psalms. We created journals with a reading plan and lots of white space to reflect, journal, and draw.

As we take time to reflect on Kayla’s message, listen to Psalm 1, a song from Worship Where You are 2017, written by Travis Agnew.

As you listen, use your journal to respond to the following questions:

  • Psalm 1 shows us 2 ways of living: the way of righteousness vs. the way of wickedness. What words stand out to you in the psalmist’s description of each?
  • What’s going on in your life right now that is taking up a lot of thought and energy? (A situation at work? A challenging family dynamic? Financial challenges?) What would it look like to walk in the way of righteousness in the midst of that? Ask God for help and direction.
  • Psalm 1 gives us great imagery. In your journal, draw a tall, strong, deeply-rooted tree near a stream of water. Next to it, write out a prayer asking God to make you like this tree, rooted and nourished in Him.
  • Meditate on Psalm 1 and ask God how He wants you to respond. How should I live in light of Psalm 1?


Tiffany Malloy
About the Author: Tiffany Malloy
Tiffany Malloy is the Pastor of Blackhawk Downtown Team Development. Tiffany and her family landed in Madison in 2013 for her husband to attend graduate school. When she’s not managing her crazy (awesome) kids, Tiffany loves reading, running, and blogging about all things faith and books.