Series Introduction: Quiet Resistance (the book of Ruth)

Quiet Resistance: The book of Ruth

In a world dominated by social media – celebrating doing whatever makes you happy or “living your best life” – we can find ourselves trapped in the comparison game and ultimately living superficial lives.  In the book of Ruth, we meet two people who quietly resist the temptation to live for themselves and personal gain, and instead live out lives of hesed or deep integrity. Hesed is a countercultural way of living, and we’re invited to live it out not in a “look at me/flashy” sort of way, but in a quiet way that, decision by decision, shapes us into people of deep integrity and sacrificial love for others.

Series Overview

  • May 12 – Quiet Loyalty/ Ruth 1
  • May 19 – Quiet Justice/ Ruth 2
  • May 26 – Quiet Integrity/ Ruth 3
  • June 2 – Quiet Revolution/ Ruth 4

Curious to learn more?

Start out by watching this Bible Project video:

Several years ago we worked through the Bible as a church…. and we dug this Ruth sermon out of the archives!

Finally, we have a few other book and podcast recommendations for further learning:

Judges, Ruth: An Exegetical and Theological Exposition of Holy Scripture by Daniel Block
If you’re looking for a good commentary on the book of Ruth, this is a good one!

If you like to be creative as you study the Scriptures, try out this drawing/coloring devotional study of the book of Ruth.

Podcast: Seminary Dropout, Episode 199: Carolyn Custis James
In this episode, Carolyn Custis James speaks about her book, Finding God in the Margins, which is about all about the book of Ruth.