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Series Introduction: Beyond MEasure

In The Struggle is Real series, we focused on some of the difficult challenges of life: grief, lust, depression, work, anxiety. In this next series, we’re taking another step in the conversation. We’re zooming out in order to get a wider view of our lives. Beyond our individual circumstances and struggles, what is our life meant for? If we are Christ-followers, what do we have in Christ that makes everything else pale in comparison?

During this 8 week series, we’ll be studying the book of Ephesians. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians pulls back the curtain and allows us to see the genius of God’s plan to redeem the world. It’s an unveiling of a mystery to unite all things in Christ through a transformed and united people– a brand new group of people called the church. It challenges this new group to live a radically different kind of life that reflects our glorious inheritance and demonstrates God’s wisdom and power. But we can not do this on our own. It is His power at work in us that will bring transformation, beyond measure, to our lives and in the world.

As we work through this series, there are a few ways you can engage with the material during the week:

Read the book of Ephesians each week.

Ephesians is a short book (only 6 chapters), which is perfect for reading through on a weekly basis. Read a chapter a day and you’ll get through the book 8 times over the course of the sermon series.

Memorize Ephesians

Memorizing a passage of Scripture is a great way to give the Holy Spirit access to our heart. We’ll be memorizing Ephesians 3:16-21 together as a church. Spend time each day working on committing the verse to memory. Pick up a printed memorization card at your site or save the verses as the lockscreen on your phone (click image below to download).

Ephesians Lock Screen Feb 2018

Read a book

Whether it’s a commentary or a book about one of the themes of Ephesians, reading a book can help you dig deeper into the text. You can visit Reference Point to see all the books our teaching pastor team recommends; here are a few of the highlights:

Ephesians recommendations

Disunity in Christ by Christina Cleveland
Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters by NT Wright
The Essential Bible Companion by John Walton, Mark Strauss and Ted Cooper Jr.
Divided by Faith by Michael Emerson
Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God by Tim Keller


“I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.”

Tiffany Malloy
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Tiffany Malloy is the Pastor of Blackhawk Downtown Team Development. Tiffany and her family landed in Madison in 2013 for her husband to attend graduate school. When she’s not managing her crazy (awesome) kids, Tiffany loves reading, running, and blogging about all things faith and books.