Series Introduction: I AM- The One Who Changes Everything

Who is Jesus?

During this season, we can easily slip into a sense of isolation and disorientation. Now that many work, school, and church activities have moved online, the external structures that used to provide meaning to our lives have disappeared. We may feel lost and discouraged. We may feel like we’re drifting away from God and not sure how to rekindle that sense of connection with God.

It is precisely during a time like this that Jesus steps into our circumstances and offers us himself. In a world of uncertainty, Jesus is certain. As the structures that used to define us fade away, we can root our identities in Jesus and reorient our lives around who he is.

This fall, we are going to dive into Jesus’ “I am” statements from the gospel of John. We will rediscover who Jesus is through his own words, and, at the same time, learn more about who we are and what it really means to follow him.

At the end of the day, Jesus is the one who changes everything—including ourselves.

Are you ready to be changed by Jesus?

Series Schedule

September 13 – I AM: The One Who Changes Everything
September 20 – I AM: The One Who Lights the Darkness
September 27 – I AM: The One Who Satisfies Your Soul
October 4 – I AM: The One Who Builds Belonging
October 11 – I AM: The One Who Gives New Life
October 18 – I AM: The One Who Reveals Truth
November 8 – I AM: The One Who Protects You
November 15 – I AM: The One Who Fights for You

Recommended Resources

We’ve created some resources to help us take what we talk about on Sundays into the rest of our week. Our prayer is that we would emerge from this season as a community that deeply knows and loves Jesus in a way we hadn’t before. All this information is also on our series page!

Reading Plan

In order to truly get to know Jesus, we need to spend time with him. This fall, let’s immerse ourselves in the life of Jesus by reading through all four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. We have two reading plans for you, one that takes you through all four books each month and one that covers all four over 90 days. Choose the plan that works best for you and start reading! link

Next Steps podcast

We are also creating a new series of podcast episodes for this season called Next Steps. In each mid-week episode, we’ll dig further into the message from Sunday, explore how to apply it to our lives, and offer a practice that will help us grow in our relationship with God. You can stay up to date by subscribing to our Blackhawk Church podcast feed, available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music and more.

How to Read the Bible videos

As Bible reading becomes a part of your daily rhythm, check out these videos to help you get the most out of your time in Scripture. We will continue to add videos to this series as we go along.

Learn More

John for Everyone Part 1 & Part 2, by N.T. Wright

Explore the gospel of John with the Bible Project.

The Bible Project walks you through the book of John, breaking down the main themes and storyline with animated drawings.