Spiritual Practices

Series Introduction: The Generous Life

Generosity – it is something most of us aspire to and are grateful for in others. However, there can be real barriers to living “the generous life”…

Whether we are a student with loans and limited income, or just starting out in life and making money for the first time; in the middle of life with many demands, or at the end of our working years and perhaps now on a fixed income… for a different reasons, we can find ourselves thinking about money a lot and faced with real challenges regarding our resources.

We all come at the topic of money from a different place, but most of us know the stress of not having enough money, wishing we had more, the worries of our future as it relates to our resources and the weight we carry around with debt… all of these realities can present themselves as barriers to living a generous life.

In this series, we will look at what the Bible has to say about the struggles associated with money and what God’s intentions are for us – with not only our money, but all of our resources (money, time, talents…). We will find that God’s desire for us is “the generous life” and be challenged and encouraged to take next steps toward the freedom and even joy God has for us in our relationship to money and all of our resources.

We hope you join us for the next few Sundays as we focus on God’s desires for us to live The Generous Life.

Schedule for the Series:

February 10 – God or Money
February 17 – Own or Lease
February 24 – Tight Fisted or Open Handed
March 3 – Reluctant or Cheerful

Resources for this Series:

Whole Life Generosity

Whole-Life Generosity Devotional: Living in Relationship, Gratitude, and Release by Skye Jethani – during our four-week series, we encourage you to engage in this 28 day devotional to explore God’s heart, example, and biblical principles of generosity as a personal or group experience. It’s likely that your perspectives and practices on generosity will change—so that you might live more generously, joyfully and gratefully.


Financial Peace University – a course at Blackhawk with video content from Dave Ramsey, offers biblical, practical steps to help you learn how to manage your money, get out of debt and spend and save wisely. Starts Thursday, February 14 at 7pm and continues through Thursday, April 11th. Register online.


About the Author: Craig Gartland
Craig is Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Blackhawk and oversees Adult Ministries. He completed his Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and spent over two decades of his career in campus ministry. He is married to Sharon and they have four children. His passions include cycling, listening to jazz music, photography, and the writings of C.S. Lewis.