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Series Introduction: #trending

Controversy sells. People thrive on conflict. Industries are built on stirring up anger and divisiveness. That’s why these subjects “trend” in our social media feeds and in the news.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to a life filled with love for God and our neighbor. How in the world do we do that in the context of charged or divisive subjects like politics, racial conflict or the #MeToo movement? 

Our next sermon series examines what the Bible has to say about trending topics like political polarization, immigration, the use of technology, the “Me Too” movement, and racial conflict. In each message, we’ll look at how we, as followers of Christ, can engage the conversation around each of these topics –  to equip our church to take the love, truth and peace of Jesus into our culture.

Series Schedule:

January 6 – #Politics

January 13 – #Immigration

January 20 – #Socialmedia

January 27 – #MeToo

February 3 – #Race

Recommended Resources:

Each week we will be offering specific books, articles, videos and podcasts we can use to dive in and learn more. Our hope is that this series would help equip us with tools that will transform the way we all engage (and set the tone) in these conversations with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

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