Spiritual Realm Resources

On Sunday, Charles led us through the end of Mark 1, and one of the themes that emerged from this passage was that of the spiritual realm, the unseen forces at work all around us.

In fact, as we continue reading in the book of Mark together, we will find that Jesus and his disciples continue to cast out demons over and over.

On Sunday, if you ended up leaving with more questions than you walked in with, that’s great! Asking questions is exactly the sort of thing that helps us to grow in our understanding of Scripture and in our faith in God.

So, if you’d like to learn more about the invisible realm, we’ve gathered a few resources to help you get started.

Invisible Realm

The Invisible Realm sermon series

In the summer of 2018, we looked at all things invisible realm, which you can find here. If you need a little guidance, start with the sermon about Satan, then watch the Spiritual Warfare message, and finally, you can finish up with the Invisible Realm Q & A session.

The Bible Project // Spiritual Beings videos

The Bible Project did an entire series on spiritual beings/the invisible realm and it is excellent. You can find all of the videos here, or, if you’re interested in just watching one, check out the video, Satan and Demons.

The Bible Project // Spiritual Beings podcast

Finally, if you prefer to listen to a podcast rather than watch a video, be sure to listen to Tim and Jon from the Bible Project talk about all things spiritual realm.