Unsettling Questions: Is Jesus the only way?

In his sermon this past Sunday, Pastor Chris tackled another challenging question regarding the Christian faith: “Is Jesus the only way?” This question is made particularly challenging in the real-world context of cultural and religious pluralism. Chris reminded us there is a difference between the cultural pluralism we are called to embrace (Romans 12:18; Jeremiah… Read More Unsettling Questions: Is Jesus the only way?


Can the Bible be Trusted?

As we continue this week in our Unsettling Questions teaching series, Charles Yu tackles the question, Can the Bible be Trusted? As Charles reminds us, trusting the Bible has two important aspects: Believing what is written in the Bible corresponds to historical reality – thus the importance of archeology. Trusting the Bible also implies relying… Read More Can the Bible be Trusted?


Does God exist?

As a part of the Unsettling Questions series, Pastor Chris tackles perhaps the greatest and most fundamental unsettling question regarding our faith: “Does God exist?” Though philosophical arguments on this topic are never “airtight” or “conclusively demonstrable” (on either side of the argument), there are good arguments that lean toward the reasonableness of belief in… Read More Does God exist?