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The Struggle is Real: Breaking the Power of Pornography

With The Struggle is Real  series, we’re taking time to be brutally honest about the many ways in which life is hard. We’re living in the tension between the kind of people Jesus invites us to be, the transformed life he empowers us to live, and the strong forces that pull us in other directions.

In response to Sunday’s message, this week, we will highlight people who are role models in their vulnerability about their struggles connected to sexuality.

Today we are introducing you to a woman who has courageously shared her struggle with pornography.


Listen to Bri as she shares her story of addiction to pornography and hear about her road to recovery, which was sparked by opening up to a trusted woman in her church.

For additional resources for women wrestling with their sexual choices, connect with the content & online community available at Authentic Intimacy


Additonal Resources

Licensed counselor and ordained minister Michael John Cusick writes about his journey through sexual addiction in his book, Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle.

Additional resources for women and men struggling with porn, including more stories of recovery, can be found at (That’s the name of the ministry – it’s not a porn site, we promise.)

For a review of available digital tools that provide deterrents to visiting pornographic sites on your phone / tablet / computer, check out this article, which compares some of the best “accountability software” options. The most affordable option from the list for iOS users is the Lion app, recommended by a Blackhawk pastor. 

Ben Knox
About the Author: Ben Knox
Ben is the pastor of Middle School Ministries at Blackhawk and one of the pastors on the teaching team. He first came to Blackhawk as an undergrad at UW-Madison. After studies at Denver Seminary and a season of ministry in Madrid, he and his wife Meggan happily returned to Madison in 2013. They have two young kids, and parenting a child with autism is a significant part of their journey.